Hayagrivas International School (CBSE)

Honor. Intellect. Success.



HAYAGRIVAS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is run by the TRUST called Sree Hayagrivas Educational Trust., The Board of Trustees having good academic background and attitude to serve the public.
HAYAGRIVAS has constructive mission and vision to carry out the objectives of CBSE education in the town as well as sub urban area.

The Board of Trustees pledged to offer better education at par with Schools in City. The Trustees set their goal to spread CBSE education across the area and implemented a new trend in administration which reveals real International standards.

Chairman Speaks

HAYAGRIVAS shall provide quality education for all the children to attain the highest academic standards. We maintain strong work ethos. We always believe in honesty and fairness. The real School is the one which creates an environment for each student to discover and realize his/her full potential. We shall inculcate a spirit of inquiry and adventure amongst students”
-  Jayakumar, Correspondent

We, the Management of HAYAGRIVAS is committed to provide the best education to our esteemed society. Education is only the most excellent way to shape human behaviour. HAYAGRIVAS is devoted to offer holistic education irrespective race, religion, region etc. School is the only place where a student learns the values of society. HAYAGRIVAS welcomes you all to participate in collective work towards the growth of our society”
 - Vengadesh prasath, President

HAYAGRIVAS aims to be an Institution of excellence dedicated to produce leaders of tomorrow. The role of School is not just ended up with good education also in nurturing them as good citizen of our society. We believe in the ethical values and we focus more on harvesting the talents, not the money. We assure to create an awareness and understanding of country’s rich culture, human rights and democratic values”
 - Gnana Subbiah, Trustee


HAYAGRIVAS International School (CBSE), a truly international School environment dedicated to excellence in education - Established in 2010 - Run by Sree Hayagrivas Educational Trust 


  • Nurturing the leaders of tomorrow 
  • Single handed and transparent Management 
  • Trained and Dedicated Teachers 
  • Management with good Vision and Mission 
  • Collaboration with many leading Competitive Exam Authorities 
  • Excellent Infrastructure 
  • High care in Safety and Security 
  • English Speaking Ambience 
  • Strict in Rules and Regulations.
  • Personal Care and Attention 
  • Skill sheets to improve Skills of the Students
  • Best Co Curricular Activities
  • Participation in Competitions outside
  • Excellent Public Speaking Skills
  • Frequent IQ Tests - Adaptable to Latest Trends
  • Freedom to Think, Express and Work
  • Creative Teachers and Management 
  • Our Student becomes a innovative and independent Boy/Girl
  • Proven Track Record
  • Good Discipline
  • Social Responsibility.