Hayagrivas International School (CBSE)

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ISA Project

Our school in the first international school of our town which was awarded the prestigious “International School Award” by the British Council. We are now doing the project for the years 2020-2023. And the plan and process have already been started. Here we feel glad to share with you all the samples of our students’ excellence what they have shown for the various activities.

1." The Puppet Show"

The students of grade IX have prepared puppets on their own and organized a puppet show on the topic ‘Disaster Management’. This made every student know the management techniques followed by the countries like America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and India.

2. Magical Martial Arts

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do”.

For the ISA project- Martial arts, the students from Grade V and VI eagerly learnt about the martial arts of the countries like Myanmar, Egypt, China, Thailand and India and they willingly collected the details about famous martial artists of those countries. Martial arts day was celebrated in the school. Various activities like Mock competitions, Ramp walk, Skit and Album making. The teachers facilitated the students through Powerpoint Presentations and video presentations. The students were very eager to collect information about the martial arts and artists. Using those collected details they prepared a scrapbook under the guidance of teachers.

3. Troubling Toxins to mother earth- Pollution

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and make the world a better place. Stop polluting our Environment”. Pollution is the greatest threat to today’s world. So in order to make the students feel responsible and proactive an exhibition of “Art from Waste” was organised. The students of grade VIII showed their mastery in craft works using papers, unwanted CDs, and plastic water bottles. Through this project the students have come to know the pollution management techniques followed in countries like Uganda, China, Philippines and Switzerland. This paved them a way to have a wide knowledge about various types of pollution and ways to prevent and control them. Moreover it made them feel responsible to protect our mother earth.

4. National animals Teetering at the brink of extinction

National animals are the national treasures. But due to the changes in the environment, global warming and changes in the climatic conditions many animals are at the brink of extinction. Thus to make the young minds responsible to protect the ecosystem The project “National Animals teetering at the brink of extinction” is being executed. Through this project the students have gained knowledge about animals like Okapi of Democratic Republic of Congo, Tapir of Belize, Takin of Bhutan, Komodo Dragon of Indonesia and Tiger of India. Various factors which lead to the extinction of these animals were taught to the students of grades I and II through Powerpoint Presentation and video presentation. The students of grade-2 prepared puppets on their own and presented it in front of the students and parents. The core of the activity was to make everyone understand the reason for animals to become extinct and our responsibilities to protect them. The students showed their creativity in preparing puppets and presenting it to the audience.